Firing UpWelcome to Bar~B~Q~Topia!  Shangri La for your taste buds!  Our mission is to make the world a happier place, one bite at a time.  Starting with you, your friends and your family.  We are a catering and mobile cooking service provider that can take care of any and all your barbecue cooking needs.  Cooking low and slow, real wood smoked flavor is all the difference in the world between good barbecue and the best barbecue.  No pellets or artificial smoke flavors allowed here!

At Bar~B~Q~Topia customer satisfaction is our greatest concern.  We pay careful attention to the details of smoke, time, temperature, and seasoning, in our effort to make certain the meal for your special event is as good as it gets.  Pork, beef, chicken, whole hog, wild game, we can deliciously prepare it all.  On site barbecue cooking is a unique treat and Bar~B~Q~Topia has all the equipment to get the job done right.  With the aid of our smoker we affectionately call “The Piginator”, anything we prepare will leave a deliciously memorable lasting impression.  The enticing aromas produced by our smoker from a combination of select fruitwoods such as apple, pear, and cherry and whatever the main course happens to be, will have your guests eagerly anticipating one of the best outdoor prepared meals they’ve ever had.  Somebody always asks, “Is the food ready yet?” after they catch a whiff of what barbecue heaven must certainly smell like.

No matter the size of your guest list, we can provide everything necessary to serve all of them the meal that few will soon forget.

*Minimum purchase required.  Price determined by menu, number of guests, and level of service agreed upon.  Additional charges for services provided in Alaska and Hawaii. Please inquire for details.